About Us.

Salem Chiropractic Center is a state of the art health care facility located on Boston’s North Shore.

We offer advanced chiropractic care to people who suffer from post-concussion syndrome, back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries, and car accidents. We also provide services to infants, children, and teenagers, as well as pre/postnatal moms.

Our goal is not only to get our patients feeling better, but to get them healthier so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

Most insurance plans accepted.

Chiropractic Treatment

Reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment and overall physical function using various techniques.


Improve the body’s functions and promote the natural self-healing process.

Massage Therapy

Increase circulation, relax muscles, and improve joint movement and flexibility.

Corrective Exercise

Reduce pain and immobility with targeted corrective exercises and stretches.

X-Ray Diagnostics

Used to gain additional insight after the initial examination to obtain an exact diagnosis.


Manual therapy used to relieve pain and stiffness, improve blood circulation, and movement.

Assisted Stretching

Improve flexibility, boost mobility, enhance performance with the help of a skilled practitioner.

Postural Screenings

A test that to help identify neuromusculoskeletal disorders before any serious issues arise.

Nutrition Consultation

A holistic approach to discover and correct any nutritional issues that are affecting your health.

Home Care Kits

Used to restore the curves in the neck and lower back and correct a specific issue in your spine and posture.

Pre and Post-Natal Care

Enjoy your pregnancy from start to finish with adjustments that realign the spine and pelvis.

Pediatric Chiropractic

For infants, toddlers and teenagers, to help your child’s spine and neural system develop properly.

State of the art chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs. 

Experiencing back pain, headaches, or even muscle tightness?  Searching for acute pain relief caused by a car accident, sports injury, or a slip and fall?  Or just looking to improve your posture or your overall health? Salem Chiropractic Center can help. 

At your first visit to Salem Chiropractic Center, Dr. Troy Wilson will perform a thorough examination that includes, orthopedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal evaluation, and X rays if needed. Dr Wilson will further explain how chiropractic care works and will customize a treatment plan that is specific for your diagnosis.

Treatments vary with combinations of manual and/ or mechanical techniques accompanied by ancillary therapies (i.e., mechanical traction, interferential muscle stimulation, ultrasound, stretches and strengthening exercises). Treatment plans are based on what phase of care you need: acute, chronic, rehabilitation, or wellness. Each phase has its own unique set of steps to reach your goals of optimal health.

Our Doctor

With the use of proven chiropractic techniques and a holistic approach, Dr. Wilson provides patients of all ages with customized treatment plans designed to help them live their best life.

Dr. Troy Wilson, DC

Dr. Troy Wilson, DC


What Our Patients Say About Us.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences coming here. Dr. Wilson’s assessments are so thorough, always making sure you’re comfortable with everything he does. 3 weeks in and the pain and tightness in my back is completely gone- would definitely recommend him for any chiropractic needs!! Plus, the staff at the front desk are always helpful and smiling.

– Hannah Marchant

When I started at Salem Chiropractic Center I was living with pain everyday. Dr. Wilson took me out of pain almost immediately. I have had a few setbacks with my back and he is great at getting me back in line and pain free. I highly recommend his services if you have back, leg, or neck pain.

– Ann L’Italien

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