What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Spinal Visit

At your first visit to Salem Chiropractic Center, Dr. Troy Wilson will perform a thorough examination that includes, orthopedic, neurologic, and musculoskeletal evaluation and X rays if needed. Dr. Wilson will further explain how chiropractic works and will customize a treatment plan that is specific for your diagnosis. 

Chiropractic treatments vary with combinations of manual and/or mechanical techniques accompanied by ancillary therapies, i.e.,  mechanical traction, interferential muscle stimulation, ultrasound, stretches and strengthening exercises. Treatment plans are based on what phase of care you need. 

Once Dr. Wilson determines the diagnosis, he then can devise a specific treatment plan for that particular patient.  Diagnoses are categorized and treated based on the following phases: Acute, Chronic, Corrective, and Wellness.  Each phase has its own unique set of steps to reach your goals of optimal health.

The Different Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Wilson specializes in several forms of chiropractic techniques. Depending on your diagnosis, Dr Wilson will apply the technique that he feels will help the patient get the greatest results.  

Spinal Manipulation

Extremity Manipulation




Sacro Occipital (SOT)


Trigger Point

Cold or heat therapy


The Four Phases of Treatment

Diagnoses are categorized into one of four phases. Treatment plans are based on what phase of care you need. 


Acute is a patient that recently had an injury, i.e., car accident, slip and fall, sports injury, or a miscellaneous accident. The patient is typically in a lot of pain. Dr Wilson will devise a diagnosis, and with the main objective to relieve the pain and restore proper mechanics to the injured joint or vertebrae, Dr. Wilson will use a gentle chiropractic technique along with the proper ancillary therapy. 

It is essential to introduce motion through the injured tissue right away.  After an acute injury, your body starts to heal right away. The problem is that the body replaces the microtears in soft tissue with scar tissue. Scar tissue is neither organized or elastic like the tissue its replacing. This eventually causes limited motion in joint and worst early arthritic changes to the injured area.  It is essential to initiate proper movement through the injured areas, so the muscle fibers and scar tissue align properly allowing the joint to move optimally.


Chronic diagnosis is typically an ailment that has been lingering for several months or longer.  These cases typically involve degenerative changes to the spine, soft tissue, and vertebral disc.  Again, the primary goal is to relieve the patient of pain and help re-establish proper joint mobilization. 

Corrective / Supportive

Technology such as cell phones, tablets, computers are causing a silent pandemic of “tech neck”!  Tech neck also referred to as “text neck,” when a patient loses their normal lordotic curve of the neck. This leads to the compression of the upper spine causing headaches, sharp pain, numbness in hands, and other neurological issues.  It is essential to re-establish the curve as soon as possible.  Dr. Wilson uses a proven plan that helps reverse the tech neck. This involves a detailed treatment plan of chiropractic adjustments, exercises, and a home care kit.  The idea is to exaggerate the curve to allow it to glide back into proper alignment.

Wellness / Maintenance

Lastly and most importantly, every patient is advised to continue care for overall spinal health. It is essential to continue proper movement throughout the spine to keep the discs healthy and prevent damage to the spinal cord.

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